What to Eat to Gain Weight?

how to gain weight fast

How to gain weight fast? That is a big question across the globe. There are many people around us who want to lose weight but there are many people also who want to gain weight. There are many weight gainer also you will find online or in the market but many people can’t afford these […]

Fitness Tips For Women

fitness tips for women

1. Better Mental Focus My first fitness tips for women is better mental focus. When many people on the treadmill and they have to do hour long workout so they likely read a magazine or listen to music or do something else to distract there mind where they go through dredger task of working out […]

Reason For Women Should Do Weight Training

cardio workout for women

One of the fundamental key lifestyle habits of living lean is weight training and cardio workout for women is good and weight training is bad this myth we want to discuss here. I know so many women are terrified of weight training because they are under the impression that they are gone be massive. And […]

Health Benefits of Eating Almonds Everyday

benefits of almonds

Almonds are meant to be best source of lean protein. You should eat 4 almonds every day and you notice amazing things happen to your body. Almonds are rich in quality protein, vitamin E, magnesium, fiber, omega-3 fatty acid and many key amino acids, which are beneficial for the body. Many mothers give almonds soaked […]

Cardio Exercise For Men & Some Mistakes That Many Do

cardio exercise for weight loss

Cardio should not be feared but as we said in this blog wanted supplement it with a lot of your workouts. Don’t be over taken by it but at the same time don’t just completely avoid it all together so balance it with your weight training. and there is many myths and doubt related to […]

Cardio Exercises For Men and Myths Related To This

cardio exercises for men

1. Thinking cardio exercises for men will make you lose all muscles Many people have many myths related to cardio exercises for men is not good and it will make you lose all your muscles. So when you are in the gym working out to get bigger and stronger you are feeling good but also […]

Healthy Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter Chicken Recipe is known to be Punjab greatest gift to the world. Punjabi food isn’t the healthiest and that is exactly why i had to come up with my own EASY and HEALTHY Butter chicken recipe – I bring you the healthy butter chicken that is weight loss friendly. This mouth-watering non vegetarian recipe is […]

What is Yoga and What’s Effect It’s Gives To Your Mind and Body?

what is yoga

What is Yoga and what it’s gives to your mind and body? 1. It gives you better breathing Firstly, if i tell you what is yoga so it gives you better breathing which includes breathing practices known as pranayama, which can be effective for reducing our stress response, improving lung function and encouraging relaxation. Many […]

Should We Do Workout In Back Pain?

workout in back pain

1.Workout in back pain issue you just can’t ignore If you do workout in back pain then it will become very risky if this issue is serious so no matter what but you have to take care of your back and its opposite that’s why it’s called back bone it’s cornerstone of your body after […]

Health Benefits of Yoga in Modern Era

importance of yoga

1. Why importance of yoga growing in whole world and it’s biggest advantage in modern era? The importance of yoga is getting popular in now all over the world and it’s gives a perfect exercise to body and psyche. Rehearsing yoga offers various medical advantages, including solid and solid body, significant serenity, expanded concentration and […]