Health Benefits of Eating Almonds Everyday

Almonds are meant to be best source of lean protein. You should eat 4 almonds every day and you notice amazing things happen to your body. Almonds are rich in quality protein, vitamin E, magnesium, fiber, omega-3 fatty acid and many key amino acids, which are beneficial for the body. Many mothers give almonds soaked in water to their children every morning. Two to four pieces of soaked almonds are enough, and you can also remove the outer shell if it causes allergic reactions, as the majority of the nutrients are not held in the shell and here is some benefits of almonds that we mention in this blog.

 1. Improve Brain Power

Almonds are considered one of the best foods for your brain. Almonds contain two vital brain nutrients, riboflavin and L-carnitine that boost brain activity. And it not only gives you a boost of energy but also helps repair brain cells thus improving cognitive functions including memory.

2. Helps in Weight Loss

Almonds help in weight reduction due to nutrient density. They are low in calories but will keep you full longer time. According to “Fitness” magazine, the magnesium in almonds helps regulate blood sugar, which is key in reducing food cravings.

3. Reduce Heart Attack Risk

There are many nutrients in almonds that contribute to heart health. Who consume nuts five times a week had a 50% reduction in risk of heart attack.

4. Strengthens Bones

Almonds are rich in phosphorus and calcium, the two most essential nutrients for maintaining bone health. Almonds also have magnesium, manganese and potassium, which are important for healthy strong bones.

5. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Almonds have lower bad cholesterol. Eating almonds regularly can help regulate your cholesterol level. And it can help to reduce heart disease risk by lowering high cholesterol.

6. Prevents Birth Defects

In case you are pregnant you should never forget to eat almonds. They are very good for your baby and especially for you. And they will protect you from any difficulties during the birth. So that is another great benefits of almonds that we mention here.

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