Cardio Exercise For Men & Some Mistakes That Many Do

Cardio should not be feared but as we said in this blog wanted supplement it with a lot of your workouts. Don’t be over taken by it but at the same time don’t just completely avoid it all together so balance it with your weight training. and there is many myths and doubt related to cardio that we are talking in this blog and cardio exercise for weight loss is his benefit but myth is that it loses muscles that we want to discuss here.

1. Cardio is the only way to lose fat

The only way to lose weight is cardio the reason this is false because you will see lots of guys and girls step into the gym and they are going to step cardio machine for hours of the day every for months on end and you are not going to see their body composition change whatsoever because what’s happening is they are not actually taking care of themselves outside of the gym. They don’t eat whatever they want at home and then they will come in and think if they do cardio they are going to lose bunch of weight now what you have to do is remember calories in calories out process so if you are taking in more calories than you are actually burning off and you are not going to see any change in your body so make sure you are not only take care of your cardio. Also take care of proper nutrition as well as there’s many other ways of burning calories like lifting weight. Lifting weight is actually very good way to burn a lot of calories maybe a little differently as far as anaerobics aerobics exercise. So cardio exercise for weight loss is good but it’s effect don’t come on your gain of your muscles.

2. Longer cardio session = more fat loss

If somebody have doubt longer cardio session = more fat loss so it’s not true because we are covering mistakes right and this is definitely one of them sometimes less is more and when it comes to cardio less is definitely more try to keep your cardio 30 to 45 minutes in that elevated heart rate zone and if you are doing high intensity interval training about 15 to 20 minutes a couple days a week remember it’s here to supplement to your workouts you don’t have to become cardio machine because you are going to lose a lot of those gains that you wanted to build in the first place use it as tool to help you scale back down a little bit keep your cardiovascular health maybe if you are trying to get lean out but don’t become overtaken by it.

3. Snail pace cardio

We have all seen them the people that get on treadmill and do the least amount of efforts and actually expect to get something back unfortunately they are never going to get something back because they are actually not raising the heart raise high enough to burn off any kind of calories sufficient enough to have any progress what you want to do is bump up the miles per hour and put some grade on there so that way you put that target heart rate a little bit faster and for an extended amount of time. So get your heart rate in there keep that up for that 30 to 40 minutes and then you are good to go on cardio exercise for weight loss.

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