Cardio Exercises For Men and Myths Related To This

1. Thinking cardio exercises for men will make you lose all muscles

Many people have many myths related to cardio exercises for men is not good and it will make you lose all your muscles. So when you are in the gym working out to get bigger and stronger you are feeling good but also looking little chubby too because when you are bulking you’re in a calorie surplus it’s little hard to just build lean muscle without putting on a little bit of extra fat as well so you want to lean down a little bit get that nice six pack showing but you are afraid if you do cardio you are going to lose all those sweet gains is that true not necessarily remember when you trying to get lean down what you are doing is calorie deficit meaning eating a little less calories every day then your body demands so if you are doing cardio on top of that as well you want to be careful that you are not doing to much into a calorie deficit so plan accordingly put that cardio in with your routine couple days a week don’t go crazy and it’s definitely going to help you in your journey but always remember cardio exercises for men is must to stay away from fat and it will never make you lose your gain. So never believe on any person who spread this myth that cardio exercises for men is not good.

2. Only one type of cardio exercise works

Nowadays, especially online everybody got an opinion everybody wants to share it with you and nine times out of ten they think that their opinion is the right one. When it comes to cardio thankfully you are in luck because you can have a lot of different options whether you want to jump rope or you want to swim or you want to do high intensity interval training or you want to do low intensity interval training you want to do low intensity all of those things can help you achieve the goal that you are looking for if you are dealing with injuries maybe some knee problems high intensity interval training probably is going to be right for you. You may want to try swimming and likewise at least what I find myself doing a lot is that kind of like to meditate game plan line out the day ahead so I will do some low intensity cardio first thing in the morning gets me right on track makes me feel like I’m going to take on the day but is that for everyone no it’s not if you don’t have a lot of time you want to do high intensity feel free try them all out see what works for you but by no means think there’s only one type of cardio that really works.

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