Healthy Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter Chicken Recipe is known to be Punjab greatest gift to the world. Punjabi food isn’t the healthiest and that is exactly why i had to come up with my own EASY and HEALTHY Butter chicken recipe – I bring you the healthy butter chicken that is weight loss friendly. This mouth-watering non vegetarian recipe is made keeping health, weight loss and bodybuilding in mind. Low fat, high protein and super macro friendly. This recipe of butter chicken for dinner have neither been this delicious! Hope you guys like this healthy butter chicken recipe!

Ingredients for Healthy Butter Chicken Recipe :-

1)450g Chicken Breast
2)2-3 Tbsp ghee
3)1/2 cup cashews
4)1/2 kg tomatoes
5)1 Tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste

For Chicken marinade :-

6)Garam Masala (to taste)
7)Red Chilli powder (to taste)
8)Turmeric (to taste)
9)1/2 cup hung curd
10) Kasuri methi (optional)
11)Piece of charcoal (optional)

Method :-

First, start with taking about 1 or 2 table spoon of ghee and keep in mind the more ghee you take the more tastier it gets so take as much of ghee according to your fitness levels and go in with three crush pods of elaichi of green cardamom once your elaichi fried away little bit put cashews in the form of cashew nut powder fry till it gets brown and at that point add ginger garlic paste stir it when everything turned into brown and add tomato puree and put it into a mix so you can cook a tomatoes puree down and this is a key part of cooking a great butter chicken and cook it for a while until it just dries up completely and your entire mix becomes one big clump and the longer you cook it the sweeter is going to get and the sweeter it gets the more butter chicken flavors it gets so cook it down until you get the taste you like and at that point you can season it with adding salt and if we talk about various restaurant they add lot of cream and lot of milk for taste but that add so much calories so that’s why we add water at this point just to unify all the flavors and kind of spread out all the sugars from the tomato so if we want to make it like restaurant style and taste good but with low fat quantity in it so we need hot charcoal and place it in a steel bowl and laying chicken around it and pour ghee over the hot charcoal and covered the steel bowl with glass container and let the chicken absorb the smoke for 10 minutes so once your chicken been smoked so you can go to prepare your tandoori chicken marinate that hung curd turmeric red chilli powder and gram masala and one thing we are not adding is ginger garlic paste because that flavour already added into the sauce and then we have to cook down the little pieces of chicken into the hot oven at 175 degrees for about 15 minutes and your tandoori chicken are ready to go and at this point you can add them directly in your gravy and in order to garnish the gravy add garam masala, kasuri methi, red chilli powder and you can also season it according to your own taste and serve it with wheat chapatti so it’s a perfect healthy meal to satisfy your hunger for tasty food with low calories.

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