Reason For Women Should Do Weight Training

One of the fundamental key lifestyle habits of living lean is weight training and cardio workout for women is good and weight training is bad this myth we want to discuss here. I know so many women are terrified of weight training because they are under the impression that they are gone be massive. And it is not true that women get bulky from lifting weights. Women get bulky muscles from pumping themselves full of excess calories and sometimes some from anabolic substances. Just saying it ain’t in our hormonal makeup to get bulky muscles so don’t be fooled when you see a woman with bulky muscles she trains hard to get that way she eats hard to get that it doesn’t just happen on accident so let’s go over some of the benefits that are included in weight training and what weight training can do for you and cardio workout for women is important but women workout are not limited to only cardio that we discussing here.

1. Improve Bone Density

You have heard of this a lot especially as women age they tend to lose density at a rapid rate this makes you more fragile weaker and more susceptible to injury weight training even if it’s just done one time a week can significantly increase your bone density and help keep you injury free.

2. Add Lean Muscle

It adds lean muscle mass to your figure and I know you might be freaking out because you’re like muscle mass and that’s not what I really means what I mean is that you’re exchanging your fat mass for lean muscle mass and that simply mean you are going to be tighter and denser at the same side.

3. Faster Metabolism

This is the most important benefits of lifting weights is faster metabolism. You can actually eat more food and enjoy more frequent meals when your weight training then when you are not because your metabolism has been ripped up and muscle is more metabolism expensive than fat so by putting on just a little bit of lean muscle you get to eat a whole lot more.

4. Combats Workout Boredom

So many people always come to me saying how can you work out at gym it’s so boring and that’s what I used to think when I was treadmill junkie because if you just go to the treadmill or the elliptical or the stationary bike every day and your workout consists of just spinning the wheels and feeling like a hamster in a cage then of course that’s boring that’s so boring that nobody wants to do it any longer that’s why I picking up the weights with weight training you have different tempos, different rep ranges, different workout styles so much interesting stuff going on that you will never get bored.

5. Shorter Workout

Shorter workout for that hour that you spend on the treadmill you can get your weight training session in just about 20 minutes and you will have the equivalent calorie burn and an even better all day burn is what we call the after burn effects that’s the calories that your body continues to burn throughout the day to repair the micro tears in your muscle and build you more lean solid foundation. Cardio just doesn’t do that so just a 20 minute weightlifting workout more equivalent to more than an hour of boring cardio. Now you decide which sound better according to you. So this is some important reasons for women should do weight training and cardio workout for women is good and weight training is bad. We try to break this myth by writing this blog for our ladies.

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