Fitness Tips For Women

1. Better Mental Focus

My first fitness tips for women is better mental focus. When many people on the treadmill and they have to do hour long workout so they likely read a magazine or listen to music or do something else to distract there mind where they go through dredger task of working out but when you are weight training you are forced to focus on what you are doing because you have to pay attention to your form your breathing your tempo your rep counts and all of that stuff that’s really important and really body changing.

2. Sharper mind

Working out isn’t just for your body it’s for your mind as well so these little sessions of mental practice and mental focus help your mind get sharper as well so you can continue your daily routine perfectly.

3. Body Symmetry

I know many women struggle with a disproportionate body symmetry having stronger legs and lower body and a weaker upper body. Weight training greatly improves your symmetry by making sure that you train all muscles evenly and you are not just using your legs every time you work out.

4. Feeling of Accomplishment

There is a feeling of accomplishment and confidence that comes with seeing a workout program through from start to finish when you have gotten through 6 or 12 weeks of a program you just feel good about yourself. You feel like you have accomplished something really big and clearly you can see the results from it. It’s just so much better than the dredgers never ending treadmill sessions. I really believe that everything about being on a program is so much better than just going and doing boring workouts at the gym every day.

5. Get Days Off

The most important benefit and essential fitness tips for women of weight training is that you get days off because when your weight training you need to tear and repair so you don’t have to work out every single day and it doesn’t feel never ending just three to five short 20 to 45 minutes. Weight training sessions per week could be enough to completely transform your body. What I’m saying is that every woman should take advantage of the benefits that weight training offers even if it’s just one to two times per week and even if it’s just using your own body weight that still counts as weight training something like doing body weights squats, push-ups, or tricep dips that all falls into the category of weight training. Now I know there are so many details when it comes to weight training like how many reps do I do, how many sets do I do which exercises are best which equipment to use for better result because every person you see have different opinion. So this is my few reason and fitness tips for women to do workout.

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